Saturday, February 13, 2021

A few tips on modelling things in Scala
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This talk will show a few simple and easy to implement tips writing models in Scala. It will answer questions like:

* how can I compare entities from DDD if case classes always compare all fields?

* do I have to give up on non-flat models if my persistence implementation doesn’t like them?

* do I have to pollute my models with annotations and implicits used by e.g. JSON serialization libraries?

* if I want to use things like Scala newtype or Refined, do I really have to several imports in every file that uses them?

* if I am dedicated used o Cats who uses import cats.implicits._ everywhere, do I really have to import it in every single file?

* does it always have to be so painful to update nested immutable model or to transform one object into another?

Some programmers take these for granted, while a lot of them still struggle with writing repetitive or needlessly complex code. This talk will help you go from the later to the former.