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What Ted Lasso Can Teach You About Leadership

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Jeremy Karney
Bright Health Group, Director of Digital Experience Design

Digital Design Leader & Impediment Slayer. I build Human Centered Teams that build Human Centered Things. 

Design and technology are woven into the fabric of who I am. And chips*. And salsa. I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't drawing, designing, or playing with the latest and greatest gadget. It's who I am and I'm proud to say that it is also what I get paid to do. I haven’t figured out how to get paid to eat, but that’s probably for the best.

I have been designing digital experiences for a wide variety of industries for 20 years. I built my first website in 1998 and never looked back. I'll buy you a beer (or beverage of your choice) if you can find it (yes, it's still online). Since then I have worked in a variety of industries including banking, healthcare, education, not-for-profits, custom professional services and, last but definitely not least, craft beer.

In addition to production roles, I have over a decade of leadership experience leading teams of 2-40 located around the world.

Co-host of the Making Digital Podcast

Jared Stephens
Bright Health Group, VP, Head of Product Design

“Oy! What the @#$% does Ted Lasso have to do with leading a startup?” - Roy Kent* 

Join Jeremy Karney and Jared Stephens as we take you on a journey through Ted Lasso showing you that a good leader can lead ANY team if…well you have to come listen to find that out. If you are asking who is this Ted Lasso guy…go binge the first season quick! 

*Not a real quote. Please don’t sue us Apple.

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