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Visionary Leadership

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Ian Friedel
Brand Author, Creative Director

With years of experience as a business design strategist, Ian has designed some of the most charismatic logos in the industry. His ability to translate a message into a visual beacon for a brand is truly astonishing to witness.

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Zahra Cruzan
Brand Author, CEO/Director of Brand Strategy

Zahra works with agencies, retailers, and product-based businesses to create brand strategies and marketing systems, so they can stand out as the premium brand in any market. By using her proprietary system for creating a brand’s infrastructure, she has helped entrepreneurs break through markets at every level. Her work has won international awards for her clients on platforms such as Linked In.

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Across all industries, the most notable CEOs operate from a place of visionary leadership. In this session, brand strategists Zahra Cruzan and Ian Friedel, founders of Brand Author, will explore the 3 components of great visionary leadership and share actionable steps you can take as a leader to make massive impact for your brand. 

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