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Startup Spotlight: Irys

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Beto Gomez
Irys, Co-Founder & COO

Beto Gomez is Co-founder and COO of Irys, a top 100 Smart City Data and Analytics technology company that improves the lives of communities through the use of technology. His work with the 311SA app for the City of San Antonio, Texas, has been recognized with a Smart 50 Award for “Community Engagement Innovation” in the public sector category. He is currently a Guest Scholar at the Urban Future Lab at UTSA and a contributor to the World Economic Forum.  

Alexandra Frey
80|20 Foundation, Executive Director

Irys (formerly CityFlag) is "empowering decision-making and building happier communities" by being the complete solution to connect your community to your municipalities and government entities.

Learn more about Irys here: or come out and talk to Beto!  

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