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Startup Spotlight: Curate

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Joel Harris
Curate, Co-founder

Co-founder of Curate with awesome wife Cayce. Previous founder of KIPP U-Prep HS and City Education Partners. Nuts about kids, families, and surfing. Strong to fairly strong dad joke game.

Jon Garcia
Geekdom, Program Manager
Cayce Harris
Curate, Co-Founder

Cayce is passionate about the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and human connectivity. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Curate, the Executive Director of ONE and a plein air artist. 

Join us for a mini-break between sessions where we will be highlighting an up and coming local startup. Learn about their origin story, what their plans are for the future, and/or how you can get involved.

How do you stay connected with your loved ones safely and simply? Curate helps create your social legacy with daily prompts so that you have beautiful memories that you can keep forever. 

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