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Elevating Your Side-Hustle in 2021

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Jen McKee
Kee Hart Marketing, Founder

Jen McKee is the founder and CEO of the award-winning marketing agency, Kee Hart Marketing. Founded in 2018, Jen worked hard to build the agency into a small but mighty team. Kee Hart Marketing offers done-for-you social media management and marketing strategy for service-based businesses looking to garner brand awareness, thought leadership, and grow sales.

When Jen is not busy running her company from her bedroom, she's the mom to 2 elementary school children and wife to her husband of 9 years. She loves crossfit, reading fiction and non-fiction and traveling.   

Patty Toms
Social Style by Patty Toms, Founder & Social Media Maven

Patty is a complex but approachable blend of boldness, sweetness, and a few nutty-like notes. She is of Latin decent and contains balance. Noted as an exceptional, solid coffee with some excitement, originality, beauty, AND individuality. Coffee aficionados have stated, “We have not tasted a coffee of this style as splendid as this one for a long, long time." 

I'm a 17-year leading learner in the world of social media. I was an early adopter & active user and advocate of all things digital since 2004 when MySpace officially went live.

I keep it simple mixing some trends (not all) with the basics. Staying focused on becoming excellent at one thing at a time is my work flow process. Celebrate & recognize the small wins in order to get to the big wins. 

I'm not an advocate of doing "the most" or working in chaos. I'm a firm believer in "Alignment before Action" for the digital space, life, and daily mindset.

Social Media Maven & Manager | Co-Founder of S.H.E. Leads OKC Women's Empowerment Conference | Proud Latina | 2w3 ENFJ Rebel and very high "I" in DISC | Curating and Creating Social Media for the Female Small Business Owner 

Alicia Lozano
The Motivated Co., Founder + CEO

Hi there, I'm Alicia and I support sought-after experts by enhancing their back-end systems so that their leads through referral processes elevate the agency’s value and secures more revenue without adding more time to the calendar or mentally draining out the CEO. 

Amy Wees
Amazing at Home eCommerce Consulting, Founder

Amy Wees is the CEO of Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting,
a world-renowned company that has helped thousands of brands launch private label products on Amazon and beyond! Amazing at Home provides education and consulting to help brands develop unique products, validate them in the marketplace, source at profitable margins, and launch with amazing brand messaging, copywriting, and search engine optimization. courses and consulting were ranked third in the world in the 2020 Amazon Seller Poll, and Amy shares her skills teaching entrepreneurs around the world through virtual coaching sessions and in-person events.

Her Story: I invented a product from scratch and brought it to the market along with an entire line of products for my brand. I’ve been flipping products as a hobby on eBay and Amazon for over 15 years. Through my experience generating revenue for thousands of brands, I've mastered market research, business planning, copywriting, and advertising. My goal is to discover your passion, build your confidence and help you build a brand that will knock your customers' socks off!

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