Monday, October 18, 2021

Venture for America Presents: Financing Your Startup
Cat Dizon (She/Her)
Cat Dizon (She/Her)
Active Capital, Co-Founder/COO
Washington Navarro
Washington Navarro, Founder/Business Developer
Sean Wen
Sean Wen
Pinch Boil House & Curry Boys BBQ, Co-Owner

How are you planning to finance your startup? Have you set-up your business bank account or created a budget? How are you preparing to pitch to potential investors? Having a financial foundation and understanding what it will take to finance your startup is essential to the success of your business!

Venture for America presents the Financing Your Startup Panel, which will feature entrepreneurs and small business supporters who will overview various (but not all) key methods of financing for startups. The panelists featured are entrepreneurs who’ve bootstrapped, an investor, and a small business banker.

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