Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Telling Your Brand Story
Melissa Vela-Williamson
Melissa Vela-Williamson
MVW Communications, Chief Communication Architect

As entrepreneurs, we think about our company’s brand and its position in the marketplace. But what about our own brand? How we communicate verbally, nonverbally or digitally, all tells the world who we are – even at our worst moments. As business owners or leaders, developing a personal brand that positions you for sustainable, long-term success is the foundation of having a successful business. Customers and employees want to do business with people they like, and that starts with you. Learn how to assess and manage your brand through the intentional use of communication strategies, tactics and tools from accredited public relations expert and entrepreneur Melissa Vela-Williamson. She’ll share trustworthy ways to relate to people at all levels, communicate effectively in tricky situations, and tell your brand story with purpose. 

Covering topics like:

- Why Personal Branding Matters

- Storytelling and Communication Strategies

- Verbal Communication Tips

- Nonverbal Communication Tips

- Communicating Online and Remotely

- Maximizing Media Interviews

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