Friday, June 25, 2021

Slice your business into functions and events
Maciej Swiderski
Maciej Swiderski
OpenEnterprise, Independent software engineer

Various organizations started to look into serverless as a way of building business logic that can take advantage of the cloud. As it might look at first, it’s not an easy task to rely strictly on functions that represent independent logic pieces. There is a risk of losing the big picture and by that not having full control over day-to-day operations.

In this session, Maciej will walk you through an approach that allows you to rely on serverless techniques such as functions and cloud events yet still working on the higher-level representation. He will introduce you to Workflow as a Function Flow concept that builds up on top of state of the art technologies such as Microprofile, CloudEvents, and KNative Eventing to deliver a highly scalable business-oriented solution that looks like a single service but runs as a set of functions.

The audience will get an introduction equipped with a set of demonstrations of function flows to prove the ease of use and visibility of the running solution.