Friday, June 25, 2021

Cloud-Native Application Development with MicroProfile
Emily Jiang
Emily Jiang
IBM, Liberty Cloud Native Architect & Chief Advocate

Ever wondered what is a Cloud-Native Application? Is it a microservice or a monolith? oh, it must be made for Cloud? Ever wondered how to develop a Cloud-Native Application? Come to this session to find out about what makes an application Cloud-Native and then learn how to build a Cloud-Native Application using the latest MicroProfile technologies (MicroProfile 4.0) such as Config, Fault Tolerance, Rest Client, JWT, Metrics, etc. This session finishes with a live demo on developing Cloud-Native applications using MicroProfile 4.0 running on Open Liberty and deploying them on k8s.

Bootstraping real world Jakarta EE/MicroProfile microservices with Maven archetypes
Victor Orozco
Victor Orozco
Nabenik, Founder

Despite the "micro" in the name, real world microservices tend to use a lot of technologies like data persistence, log facades, IoC which aren't always included in the chassis. Hence, Java architects tend to repeat themselves assembling projects with microservices chassis+libraries trying struggling to find the balance between "usefully bloated" and "heavily bloated".

In this presentation I present our(my company's) experience while curating a set of libraries that complement MicroProfile chassis to manage microservices, data migrations and data persistence like:

* Eclipse JKube

* Flyway

* Deltaspike

Explaining why these libraries are useful and play well in the context of MicroProfile/Jakarta EE and Microservices patterns like those in

Later I describe how everyone could curate their libraries and create their archetypes, and how we did it obtaining as product Kukulkan EE:

Saturday, June 26, 2021