Thursday, August 19, 2021

Scientific Thinking in Python 🐍
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Eric Schles
Eric Schles
Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Principal Data Scientist

Workshop Overview:

During this workshop we will be going through the content in Because I want to start with whatever is most useful for participants we will do a poll at the beginning of the workshop to see where everyone is. 

Some potential topics include:

  • descriptive statistics
  • hypothesis testing
  • linear regression
  • plotting
  • trees
  • neural networks

Intended Audience:

This workshop is for anyone at a beginner or intermediate level with statistics and machine learning. However, you should already know python reasonably well! (2+ years of dedicated coding experience)  

Workshop Takeaways:

You will learn how to thinking critically about data in an applied way

To-Do Before Workshop / How to Prepare:

Instructor assumes everyone will be using:

  • Python 3.6+
  • Mac OSX or Linux

Be sure to have the standard python science stack:

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • pandas
  • jupyter notebook
  • scikit-learn
  • tensorflow

Instructor Notes:

I will not take time during the workshop to wait for anyone to install libraries or the language, so if you don't have it installed, it's on you to do so and catch up to everyone else. 

Also, this workshop does not support windows, if you are using windows and get stuck because of it, then I will not slow down to help. If you are on windows and would like to participate, I highly recommend installing the wsl2, which runs linux, prior to the workshop.