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Deep Learning with PyTorch: A Beginner's Intro 📈

Haroon Ahmad
Deloitte Global, Senior Consultant

Hello World! My name is Haroon. I am a consultant by day, and teacher by night. I am passionate about helping clients understand their data, and passing my experience and knowledge to students. My goal is to influence and motivate the next wave of data scientists, engineers, and analysts!

Workshop Overview:

The goal of this workshop is to familiarize attendees with Deep Learning and its applications through PyTorch.    

Intended Audience:

This workshop is intended for attendees with no prior knowledge of Deep Learning or PyTorch

Topics Covered:

  • Deep Learning
  • PyTorch
  • Real-world examples and use-cases
  • Overview of Deep Learning
  • How PyTorch can be used

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Determining when to start model optimization
  • Which search methodology is effective for your domain
  • Configuring stop conditions and validation checks
  • Automating parameter searching in a scalable way

To-Do Before Workshop / How to Prepare:

No preparation required. Instructor will walk through environment set up with attendees and provide notebooks/materials as necessary.