The (Too) Many Faces of Architecture

Mihaela Ghidersa
Centric IT Solutions, Software Developer

Coding and teaching represent my passion, learning is my hobby, having an impact in technology is my goal.

I am a software developer and technology passionate, I enjoy building and delivering quality, all the while trying to have fun as much as possible.

Too often we encounter the idea that software architecture is an esoteric concept, of which only the chosen ones, and at the right time, are allowed to discuss. Well, how about a little change of perspective? With software development and users' needs evolving so fast, we don’t afford the luxury of rewriting systems from scratch just because teams fail to understand what they are building. Today’s software developers are tomorrow's architects. We must challenge them to step away from the IDE and understand how the architecture evolves in order to create a common and stable ground in terms of quality, performance, reliability, and scalability. At the same time, software architects need to step away from the abstractions and stay updated to the project development reality. This session revolves around finding the right ways of intertwining up-front architecture, API design & coding while maintaining a continuous focus on architecture evolution.