OPEN TALK: Putting the Five Pillars of the AWS into Practice

Mike Watson
Excellarate, SVP Engineering

Mike Watson, VP Engineering at Synerzip, is a veteran engineering leader with over 15 years of experience leading software teams. Mike’s passion is in helping software product development organizations transition into strong Agile practices and cultures within. He has experience working with large and medium public companies (such as Motorola and Tangoe), as well as mid-to-late stage startups (such as 4thpass, Solbright and Quintessent). Mike has been fortunate to work with a few of the leading minds in modern agile process development.

Mike’s passion is driving and evolving software programs, teams and processes toailored to the people, technology and business goals of the organization. He has managed and lead diverse software organizations. His hands-on approach ensures the development of sensible solutions that solve real-world problems. Having a BS in Computer Science from Washinton State University, he possessed the technical prowess to dig into development and troubleshooting with his teams.

Mike’s technical specialties include Kanban/Scrum, highly scalable enterprise software, SaS/Cloud Compliance, Application Security, System Integration, and Mobile Commerce.

Currently, Mike resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children.

Hamdy Eed
AWS, Sr. Solution Architect

Hamdy Eed is a Sr. Solution Architect with AWS and is a member of the Serverless Technical Field Community.  He has deep expertise in the area of business process management and enterprise integration. Prior to AWS, he worked at NIC Inc and held several positions at IBM. In his spare time, he  coaches soccer to elementary school students and enjoys international travel. You can reach him on LinkedIn:

In today’s fast-paced business and technology environments, an organization should never find itself boxed in by limited options for adapting to changing requirements or improving its workload strategy.

The Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework—Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization—provide a way to consistently measure operations and architectures, identify areas for improvement, and respond to evolving requirements or external issues. The goal of the framework is to help architects learn the process of making informed, value-add decisions that reflect the organization’s priorities.

In this Q&A session, Excellarate’s Mike Watson hosts Hamdy Eed, an AWS Senior Solution Architect, for a lively discussion about putting the pillars into practice. They’ll explore how to navigate tradeoffs, a crucial function of the framework in guiding organizations through the process of shifting focus and priority among the pillars as needed. And Mike will ask Hamdy to talk about the latest tools and innovations available in the market to augment the implementation of each pillar.

Walk away with a better understanding of how the AWS Well-Architected Framework will help you learn how to:

~Design and implement scalable architectures that align with AWS best practices.
~Effectively utilize computing resources to maintain efficiency when system requirements change or technologies evolve
~Expand options with a structure that weighs priorities and adds business context when evaluating the trade-offs of each decision