OPEN TALK: Introducing The Independent Infrastructure Cloud

Workshop Stage 2
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Walt Ribeiro
Vultr, Developer Advocate

As Vultr’s Developer Advocate, Walt Ribeiro helps to create educational materials for developers and technologists including video/written how-to-guides, product demos, reference materials, best practices, code samples, and training.

Having been a broadcast engineer at Youtube Space LA, he understands online content and production and is excited to bring that energy to Vultr’s growing community across all sites, meetups, and events.

David Dymko
Vultr, Technical Lead

David Dymko is the Technical Lead for Cloud Native Development at Vultr. He leads the development of products such as Load Balancers, API v2, and Vultr Kubernetes Engine, in addition to contributing and maintaining various open-source projects within Vultr's organization. Prior to Vultr, David worked at Vonage where he was first exposed to cloud native by porting a monolithic application to micro services.

As companies transition to hybrid cloud, they are faced with complex decisions about choosing a strategic cloud partner who can support their growth at an affordable cost. Now more than ever, buyers are highly educated about the technology they need to scale their business. That’s why many value a partner who will make decisions that are right for their customers; a partner who’s invested in supporting their growth.

We will discuss how Vultr, the largest privately-owned Global cloud provider outside of the Big 3 Clouds supporting over 1.3 million customers, believes developers and businesses should feel the freedom of the cloud, and be empowered to do what they do best: develop and build a company.