KEYNOTE: Citrix -- DevOps from the Provider Perspective

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Pat Patterson
Citrix, Director of Developer Evangelism

Pat Patterson has been working with Internet technologies since 1997, building software and communities at Sun Microsystems, Salesforce, StreamSets, and now Citrix. At Sun, Pat was the community lead for the OpenSSO open source project. As a developer evangelist at Salesforce, Pat focused on identity, integration and the Internet of Things, with a switch to big data and data integration in his role of director of evangelism at StreamSets. Now Director of Developer Evangelism at Citrix, Pat is leading developer engagement through the transition from on-premise products to cloud services. When he isn't speaking at conferences, writing technical content or hanging out on Slack, Pat likes to run far, having completed several ultra-marathons.

There are many, many resources for DevOps engineers: learning paths, guides and tutorials for using tools such as Terraform, Packer and Ansible to save time in provisioning and configuring reliable, predictable systems. This session looks at the other side of the equation: creating the plugins, modules and providers that abstract away upstream APIs for use by DevOps tools.

Director of Developer Evangelism Pat Patterson will explain how Citrix implemented DevOps tooling for its App Delivery & Security products, and how the company is working with its community to create tooling for its Virtual Apps & Desktops Service. Pat will explain the different approaches to creating tooling, trade-offs between them, and the lessons that Citrix has learned along the way. This session will NOT be death-by-PowerPoint! Come prepared for semi-colons, curly braces and monospaced text!