Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Left, Right and All Around - Security throughout Your K8s Environment
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Leonardo Murillo
Leonardo Murillo
Cloud Native Architects, Founder

You can find talks demonstrating how some security tools work in isolation, but what about a closer to life scenario showing how to introduce security throughout development, deployment and runtime?

This is the demo that will finally fill that gap! Attendees will be able to take back knowledge and get a head start in introducing security everywhere in their SDLC.

We’ll see a hands on demonstration of how to use a variety of tools under the CNCF to dramatically enhance the security of any environment:

- In-Toto will help us ensure the integrity of our software from development to deployment
- Kyverno will allow us to define policies in our environment to guarantee compliance
- We’ll use Notary to sign our dockerimages and finally
- Falco we’ll notify us if any threats are identified in the runtime of our kubernetes cluster