Tuesday, September 14, 2021

KEYNOTE: Splunk -- Making Your Applications Observable with OpenTelemetry
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Chris Riley
Chris Riley
Splunk, Inc., Sr DevOps Advocate

The CNCF project OpenTelemetry is increasingly becoming the standard for getting reliable and consistent application and machine data to your monitoring and observability tools. Many organizations are realizing the power of decoupling their metric, log, traces and span data collection from their monitoring stack. Giving them more freedom, and capabilities, to improve the observability of their application. Allowing organizations to be more consistent and have more confidence in supporting their applications. In this session learn about.

1.) What is OpenTelemetry
2.) What is the architecture of the OpenTelemetry Collector (OTel)
3.) How do you build a strategy around OpenTelemetry
4.) How do you get started with OTel

Standardizing on OpenTelemetry makes your application more observable, and helps your organization implement better observability and monitoring practices.