OPEN TALK: Transform and Re-Platform Your ASP.NET Monoliths

Steve Roberts
Amazon Web Services, Senior Developer Advocate

Steve Roberts is a Developer Advocate at AWS, focused on .NET and PowerShell development. Based in Seattle, Washington, Steve previously worked as a Senior Development Engineer on the AWS SDKs and tools for .NET and PowerShell developers. He was the development lead for the AWS Tools for PowerShell and the AWS Tools for Azure DevOps, and also worked on the AWS Toolkits for Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code, plus the AWS SDK for .NET. 

Runeet Vashisht
Amazon Web Services, Senior Solutions Architect - Microsoft Platform

Runeet Vashisht is a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS with special focus on Microsoft technologies such as .NET and SQL Server on AWS. He is passionate about helping customers build modern software solutions using AWS cloud native services. In this 18 years of professional career, he had multiple roles such as Software Engineer, and Technical Advisor where he built software solution using .NET, C#, SQL Server and cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS.

We don't usually set out to write a monolith...but it happens. With changes over time, and limited resources to refactor, our application can turn into a "legacy monolith" that runs for years, and years, and that we all dread working on! In this session, learn about the AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET and how it can help you identify and extract parts of your application into services. Transforming your monolithic applications into smaller, independent services makes them easier to scale, more efficient to operate, and faster to develop, accelerating time to market for new features. Then go a step further to re-platforming to ASP.NET Core running on Linux, by adding to your tool chain the Porting Assistant for .NET. Come and learn how!