OPEN TALK: The PM’s Secret Tool to Solve for Integration Requests

Kristen Ditsch
Workato, Head of Product Marketing, Embedded

With a focus on product marketing for high-growth product portfolios, Kristen Ditsch joins the DeveloperWeek stage as the Head of Product Marketing for Embedded Solutions at Workato. Workato is a leading iPaaS provider helping companies integrate and automate across your business with an approach that is 10x faster than traditional tools. 

According to Product School’s annual State of Product Report, more than 45% of product managers say prioritization is their biggest challenge faced.
Backlog prioritization can feel like an ongoing rat race where you’re juggling a myriad of inputs and trying to keep up with demands. And yet, PMs are challenged to be the CEOs of their product and think strategically and proactively.

According to a study by Workato, a leader in enterprise automation, two-thirds of product managers report concern over managing their integration backlog and the volume of integration requests they receive.

Fortunately, product managers can have it all by leveraging the Workato Embedded Platform. Learn how the solution can help you become the hero CEO of your product and efficiently tackle integration requests that save engineering resources for building core product features, all while driving new revenue for your product.