OPEN TALK: Streamlining ML Workflows with Enterprise-Grade Kubeflow 1.5

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Josh Bottum
Arrikto, Kubeflow Community Product Manager

Josh Bottum is a Kubeflow Community Product Manager and a VP at Arrikto. As a Kubeflow Community Product Manager, Josh helps Kubeflow users with github issue triage, setting roadmaps and releases, running community meetings, coordinating Working Groups, conducting user surveys, writing blogs posts and giving presentations and demonstrations. 

In this presentation and demonstration, attendees will learn about:

- Kubeflow 1.5 features and use cases
- How Kubeflow streamlines ML workflows and simplifies operations
- Why market leaders are building their ML Platform on Kubeflow
- Kubeflow Community User Survey results and benchmarking your ML Platform KPIs
- How to get involved in the Kubeflow Community

The demonstration will provide a brief review of valuable ML workflows i.e. the automated process to build a Kubeflow pipeline (directly from a Jupyter notebook) that will train and tune an ML model. It will also show how to deploy that model in an inference server and monitor it.