OPEN TALK: Solving Container Security Challenges

Eric Magnus
Sysdig, SE Manager, Corporate & Channels

Eric leads Solution Engineering teams at Sysdig. A three-year veteran of Sysdig, Eric has a deep knowledge of both the Sysdig Platform and Cloud Native architectures. Prior to joining Sysdig Eric held similar roles at Nimble Storage, HPE, and Rubrik. Before moving to the world of vendor Engineering, Eric enjoyed a long career in the IT trenches where he literally saw it all.

A well-crafted container or kubernetes avoids using excessive privileges, shipping unused packages, leaking credentials, and will expose a minimal attack surface. By removing known risks in advance, you’ll reduce security management and operational overhead; however, not everything can be known and prevented in advance. You cannot forget about security since the container is running.

Join this session to gain clear direction on how to:
- Image build and apply Dockerfile best practices
- Reduce the attack surface and optimize size for distribution using multistage builds
- Manage threats and vulnerabilities, like log4j