OPEN TALK: Scaling IoT Data Using a Purpose-Built Time Series Database

Sam Dillard
InfluxData, Senior Product Manager

Sam Dillard is a Senior Product Manager at InfluxData. He is passionate about making customers successful with their solutions as well as continuously updating his technical skills. Sam has a BS in Economics from Santa Clara University.

The explosion of IoT devices and the time series data they generate has accelerated the demand for specialized IoT platforms. By 2025, there’s projected to be ~60 billion connected devices around the world. The hurdles for businesses to overcome in the next few years will be centered around collecting, munging, and storing it all from the many sources it comes from, how to manage that storage, and how to analyze it most efficiently.
In this session Sam Dillard will cover why a time series data platform should be used to meet IoT scale and interoperability needs. He will walk through the core concepts of time series databases, share use cases and give us an overview of the InfluxDB platform.