OPEN TALK: Harness the Power of CI/CD Logs from Jenkins to Drive CI/CD Success!

Brian Bost
ChaosSearch, Solution Architect

Brian Bost is a former SRE with experiences at Verizon, Telecordia Technologies and Johnson & Johnson. He’s dedicated his recent professional life to finding and delivering SRE solutions via engineering and solution architect roles at New Relic and now ChaosSearch. 

Dave Armlin

CI/CD success comes with iteration and continuous improvement.  Harnessing the power of logs from the CI/CD process can be key to driving improvement.  In this session we will demonstrate an easy path to bring CI/CD logs from Jenkins (or any platform utilizing cloud object storage in AWS or GCP) to drive success with CI/CD.

During the demonstration of the ChaosSearch Data Platform, we’ll share how you can easily access and leverage:

  • Velocity and Trends of CI/CD progress

  • Build failure trends and debugging 

  • Visualizations & Dashboards

  • Alerts and Integration opportunities