OPEN TALK: Decentralizing Observability for Greater Visibility and Faster Resolutions

Ozan Unlu
Edge Delta, CEO and Co-Founder

As a Dev Lead at Microsoft working on Azure and Security teams and a tenured Senior Solutions Architect at Sumo Logic, Ozan had the opportunity to work with hundreds of organizations from small startups to large enterprises to help implement and improve their architecture and observability infrastructure. Through his experience he arrived at the realization that transferring, centralizing, indexing, and storing all raw observability data before starting to process that data is a model that needs to be improved upon to support real-time and operational use cases as data volumes continue to expand.

Traditional monitoring and observability platforms continue to support the same approach: DevOps and SRE teams must centralize logs, metrics, and traces before they can start to analyze them. Faced with exploding data volumes, teams dependent on these platforms are left trying to predict which systems and datasets to monitor and centralize. What doesn’t meet the bar gets neglected or discarded altogether. You shouldn’t have to compromise data visibility to stay within budget. In this session, Edge Delta CEO and Co-Founder, Ozan Unlu will break down Edge Observability -- a novel approach to observability that aims to solve this issue. You will learn how DevOps and SRE teams can maximize visibility, optimize costs, and respond to issues orders of magnitude faster.