OPEN TALK: Cricket analytics and predictions using ML.Net

Praveen Raghuvanshi
Harman International, Cloud Architect

A software professional and community speaker with 15 yrs of rich experience in architecture and developing enterprise software applications using Microsoft Stack. Currently, working as a Principal Engineer at Harman International, A Samsung Company and developing IoT based application for the Professional Audio. An AI/ML enthusiast with an interest in deep learning and computer vision and a promoter of ML.Net framework. 

Cricket, a game of bat and ball is one of the most popular game and played in varied formats(I. Its a game of numbers with each match generating plethora of data about players and match. This data is used by analysts and data scientists to uncover meaningful insights and forecast about matches and players performance. In this session, I'll be performing some analytics and prediction on the cricket data using Microsoft ML.Net framework and C#.