OPEN TALK: Breaking Deep Learning Models with Adversarial Examples

Pau Labarta Bajo
Toptal, Developer

Pau is a data scientist and ML engineer with over eight years of experience. He has a passion for building ML-based solutions, from development to deployment. He loves transforming an idea into a model and a model into an API or product. Pau has worked on different problems: financial derivative pricing, digital marketing analytics, deep learning for art generation, or demand prediction for online shopping. His background is in pure mathematics, and he has strong coding skills in Python. 

Computer vision models based on neural networks have become so good in the last 10 years that nowadays serve as the “eyes” behind many mission-critical systems, like self-driving cars, automatic video surveillance, or face recognition systems in airports. What you probably do not know is that there are easy methods to fool them, forcing them to produce wrong predictions. These methods are theoretically simple and computational feasible and open the door to potentially critical security issues.