OPEN TALK: 5 Things to Help Your Team Succeed at Kubernetes

Rachel Sweeney
Fairwinds, Product Advocate SRE

Rachel Sweeney is a Product Advocate SRE at Fairwinds. Her work consists of helping clients manage their Kubernetes clusters so they can spend more time focusing on delivering value to their customers. She also works with her team to identify common problems in Kubernetes to drive software development for Fairwinds.

As you adopt cloud native technologies and Kubernetes, you will face a myriad of technology, process, policy and people decisions. What tools and patterns are needed to be successful? How can you ensure Kubernetes is a success across your DevOps team and organization?Rachel Sweeney, Product Advocate SRE at Fairwinds, discusses why Kubernetes plays an important role in your DevOps experience and the 5 things to help your team succeed at Kubernetes. Learn a few critical steps to achieving your Kubernetes Maturity around technology, security, visibility and consistency.