OPEN TALK: 5 Principles for Creating Stupidly Brilliant Javascript Applications

Mike Manwill
Smarty, Front-End Development Team Lead

Mike has been a software engineer for over 10 years and loves finding new ways to solve problems with software. Mike started coding part-time in college (where he majored in music) as a way to help pay for school, but it didn’t take long before music took a back seat and coding became a full-time adventure. Mike has worked on a broad array of software applications including point-of-sale systems, education applications, CRM software and more. He currently leads the front-end team at Smarty, whose software is used by thousands of organizations to validate, standardize, and geocode addresses. Mike has been married for over 12 years and has five children. He loves camping in Utah’s beautiful outdoors, singing in and/or directing choirs for his church, and building his reputation for telling far too many dad jokes. 

“The smarter an application is, the dumber its code should be.”

Have you ever tried to add a minor feature to your application only to discover that you’ll have to re-write large blocks of code first? Or maybe you’ve spent hours deciphering hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of lines of existing code just to find out a task only required two lines of additional code. If you’re like most developers, you’ve wasted countless, frustrating hours wading through immensely complicated code trying to force it to do things it wasn’t built for.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss 5 principles to help you create stupidly-simple applications that are maintainable, extendable, and bug-resistant. If your code is already suffering from “genius syndrome”, we’ll also be discussing strategies for refactoring existing code to avoid the infamous “grand rewrite.”