KEYNOTE: Wiz -- Look to the Right, Shift to the Left: A New Approach to Cloud Security

Ami Luttwak
Wiz, Co-Founder & CTO

CTO & Cyber security serial entrepreneur, working with the same amazing founders for over 15 years on cloud security innovations. 

The Shift Left paradigm is broken. If companies start moving their controls to the left, they miss out on their actual security posture in production. If they deploy tools in the CI/CD in addition to the tools running in production, it creates complexity and inefficiency as they get different results from different tools and struggle with duplicate exception flows and lack of visibility across. A new approach is required!


In this talk, Ami will review Log4shell and other recent real world incidents, analyze where legacy approaches fail and present a new paradigm to cloud security: “look to the right and shift to the left.” Companies deploy a single policy across the stack, with central visibility across the process, creating a new and efficient way for security teams to work with dev teams.