KEYNOTE: Uplevel -- Burnout and Productivity: Overcoming Emerging Engineering Team Difficulties

Ravs Kaur
Uplevel, CTO

Ravs Kaur, Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for leading Product and Engineering at Uplevel. Prior to Uplevel, she spent a decade in the Developer Division at Microsoft building tools to make the every-day lives of developers easier. Following her time at Microsoft, she was at Tableau and led the core Visual Analytics teams to help people discover and share their insights through data. She brings together her empathy of developers, passion for data, and experience with engineering leadership challenges in her current role at Uplevel to build the product she always wanted for her own teams. Ravs lives in the Seattle area with her husband and two kids who share her aspirations of becoming a pianist someday. They are usually found planning last minute travels and love experiencing different cultures.

Over the last ten years the role of a software engineer has evolved drastically. Software continues to reach unprecedented scale and complexity. Organizations from all industries are now becoming software companies and with the pandemic everyone is feeling the effects of burnout. Creating an industry with healthy productivity is paramount but too much of a focus on “going faster,” without addressing burnout, is a recipe for failure. Engineering managers need to constantly balance both and as we move increasingly remote, these problems are even more acute. Ravs Kaur, CTO of Uplevel will share insights on how today’s engineering managers can ensure an efficient pipeline while making sure engineers are happy and healthy.