KEYNOTE: Puppet -- Wrangling Configuration Complexity: How It's Gotten Even Harder

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Chip Childers
Puppet, Chief Architect

Chip Childers is chief architect at Puppet, the industry standard for infrastructure automation. Childers brings more than 20 years of technology expertise in large-scale computing and open source software. He has a deep understanding of the vast cloud-native ecosystem and will play a pivotal role in supporting Puppet’s Research and Development team to reach platform and product goals. He co-founded the Cloud Foundry Foundation, where he worked as Chief Technology Officer for over five years. In 2020, Childers assumed the Executive Director position previously held by Puppet CTO Abby Kearns. Earlier in his career, he was VP of product strategy at CumuLogic. He led SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud Services and became the first VP of Apache Cloudstack, a platform he helped drive. Childers' background also includes rebuilding mission-critical applications for organizations such as,, Merrill Lynch and SEI Investments. 

Our ability to manage infrastructure, reason about the impacts of changes and keep it secure and compliant has grown in complexity. Full stop. The proliferation of development tools in the market with a variety of teams adopting different solutions on different infrastructures creates a silo effect that is real and painful for many operators today. Choices that were once the domain of the operations team are now handed directly to application teams, with an ever increasing push to adopt new technologies. This talk will focus not only on “the why” of this complexity but more importantly on “the how” to get your team on the right path to manage this complexity in a way that allows you to continue to deliver software and services quickly but in a secure and scalable way. It will explore how tools, practices and organizational structures all play a role in not only surviving, but thriving in a world of ever expanding infrastructure complexity.