KEYNOTE (ProductWorld): Wex -- Your First 90 Days as a Product Manager

John Franck
Wex, Product Manager

John is the author of Every Product Manager's First 90 Days and a product manager at Wex inc.

John is passionate about helping product managers navigate their new roles. After hiring a jr. product manager he discovered the lack of training available and decided to create his own. His 90-day method has been used worldwide.

You just got hired! Congrats! Now what? It takes most new product managers six to eight months to reach full productivity. Most companies and managers don't have onboarding training designed specifically for product managers. This means you would spend half of your first year haphazardly gathering the bits of information you need to be an effective product manager. You need to create a learning plan to conquer your first 90 days. These first 3 months set the foundation you will build off of. Learn what to do and what not to do in your first 90 days. Join this practical session on how to navigate your new role and discover the information necessary to be successful.