KEYNOTE (ProductWorld): UserTesting -- Leveraging Digital Transformation to Help Product Teams Succeed

Michael Mace
UserTesting, VP Market Strategy

Mike is a 25-year veteran of the tech industry. He held marketing and strategy roles at Apple and Palm, founded two startups, and has also consulted with many tech industry leaders. 

The challenges of product managers are shifting. The pandemic underscored the need for digital transformation in many companies, and often product managers have often found themselves leading those changes. That increased attention is great, but it also puts additional demands on the time of product managers who were already in fully occupied. How do you fulfill the company’s needs for transformation without working nights and weekends? Michael Mace, UserTesting VP of Market Strategy, will discuss the challenges and opportunities and give practical examples of what to do. Topics will include:
• The importance of identifying customer needs beyond just features, and covering the whole customer experience
• How to avoid the order-taking trap
• Balancing the conflicting roles of product owner and product manager
• The opportunities and challenges of digital transformation, and how product managers are using the transition to help their companies succeed
• How to use real-time human insights to make high-confidence customer-driven decisions without slowing down the development process