KEYNOTE (ProductWorld): Cleo -- What Can a Three-Legged, New-Age Product Organization Do For You?

Vidya Chadaga
Cleo, Vice President, Products

Vidya Chadaga is the Vice President of Products at Cleo and is responsible for global Product Strategy, Product Management and Product Marketing. She drives vision for the future of Cleo’s product portfolio and evangelizes this direction with our customers, partners and employees. She owns the ideation, creation and commercialization of Cleo products and solutions, identifying compelling market opportunities to unlock new users, use cases and revenue.

Prior to joining Cleo, Vidya held leadership positions in product, marketing and technology at leading software companies such as Marketo, ServiceMax, IBM, Oracle and SAP. She holds a BS degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Marathwada Institute of Technology, India, and received her MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. 

Being a high-growth, product-led company in today’s versatile, pandemic-stricken world means you need new organizational structures for rapid innovation so you can meet the demands of the business and still come out on top.

One such trending organization model is the three legged product team owning and driving product strategy, product management and product marketing. Modern SaaS companies must organize product teams in a way that enables continuous value creation and value capture.

When scaling, companies cannot assume the market is in the same state as it was during initial product work. This means companies must continuously adjust product strategies to invest in their next opportunity in shifting markets. Adopting the “three legged” approach to products allows companies to listen to customer needs, innovate new solutions that fit neatly into industry demands, and deliver rich capabilities in a predictable way. This approach is critical to driving continuous improvements in value and, therefore, growth.