KEYNOTE (ProductWorld) Cisco Meraki -- How to survive Chipmaggedon: Design and Development of “The New Normal”

Morgan Teachworth
Meraki, Vice President of Engineering and Supply Chain

Morgan Teachworth is Vice President of Engineering and Supply Chain at Cisco Meraki. Morgan has been with Meraki for over 15 years. From his start as a hardware program manager, Morgan has led the engineering and supply chain teams that created the Meraki product portfolio including the MR, MS, MV, MX, and MT lines. In his time with Meraki Morgan developed the company’s bias to action and ‘Simplify Everything’ approach, which he strives to embody and evangelize. Morgan attended Stanford University for both engineering and business. He resides in San Jose, California, where he works at home, putters around in his garden, and dreams of returning to travel. 

You can’t always get what you want. Right now you can’t seem to get anything at all. Whether you’re sitting in an empty warehouse, staring at a smoking proto board and wondering how long it will take to get a new one, or clicking obsessively hoping your new oven will ship, “Chipmaggedon” has landed with profound impact on how you design, develop, and consume.

How do you protect your product in a global crisis? How do you invest in growth and innovation when you’re constantly playing defense? What’s the trick to get hardware designers, software developers, and supply chain managers together and rowing in the same direction?Join Morgan Teachworth, Vice President of Hardware Engineering and Supply Chain for Cisco Meraki, as he discusses what sparked the global chip crisis and recommends how shifts in design and development methodologies can bring communities together to combat supply chain challenges and survive the end of “Chipmaggedon.”