KEYNOTE (ProductWorld): Amazon -- Demand or Supply - Prioritized Side for Platform Businesses

Tabassum Memon
Amazon, Sr. Program Manager

I am product consultant with more than 14 years of experience who believes in Lean Product Development and the Platform First approach. With the increase in the number of channels that a product is consumed by and the growth of "APIs as Products," businesses cannot continue as one size fits all approach.

During my 9 years of product consulting career, I have helped a lot of companies transform from Product to Platform thinking. I have helped companies create strategies and roadmaps for:

● Building a Platform ground up that can be consumed by multiple external channels
● Transitioning from Products to Platform
● Channels and User Applications that are consuming capabilities(APIs) from different Platforms

I have also done coaching and consulting on various Agile and Product Management topics like:

● Creating Product Strategy and Roadmap
● Platform Product Management
● Agile fundamentals and Adopting agile
● Scaling with agile
● Agile in distributed teams

Currently, I am working as Sr. Program Manager at Amazon and
also as a Product Advisor for Classroom Hunt, the company I co-founded. Classroom Hunt is a platform for parents to search schools for their kids and schools to reach out to parents. Classroom Hunt was selected as the Top 10 fastest growing e-learning startup in 2021 by SwiftLift business magazine.

What does the ongoing backlog prioritization looks like for platform business model that has users on demand and supply side for example divers and riders on Uber, home owners and renters on Air BnB, etc. This is most tricky and challenging part in platform product management lifecycle. I have touched upon this topic in my book Effective platform product management. I will cover the prioritization techniques, challenges that product managers face and mistakes to avoid while feature prioritization of platform business models.