KEYNOTE: CircleCI -- What We Learned about Hiring Engineers after 6,000 Technical Interviews in One Year

Michael Stahnke
CircleCI, Vice President of Platform

Michael Stahnke is Vice President of Platform at CircleCI running SRE, Security, and tooling.

Prior to this, he worked at Puppet running Puppet Enterprise Engineering, Platform Engineering as well as SRE. He is an established author where he has co-authored State of DevOps Reports and State of Software Delivery.

He is also a popular speaker and has attended various DeveloperWeeks, DevOps Days, CTO Summits, Puppetize conferences and more. He founded the package repository EPEL and wrote a book on SSH in 2005. 

Last year, CircleCI hit hyper-growth and needed to hire more engineers quickly. But the process was taking too long, so we had to figure out how to improve it.

We tried many things, including outsourcing technical interviews to a third party. When we still weren’t moving fast enough or finding the right talent, we iterated on our process again and again.

After conducting more than 6,000 engineering interviews in one year, Michael Stahnke, VP of Platform at CircleCI, shares what our engineering organization learned about how to scale the technical interview process and find top tech talent for growing startups.