Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: How Beta Testing Can Support Automated Testing to Help You Release Better Mobile Apps Faster
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Wim Selles
Wim Selles
Sauce Labs, Lead Solutions Architect

53% of users have reported uninstalling or removing a mobile app with issues such as errors and freezes. As developers, a critical bug making it through to your end users, in turn leading to customer and revenue loss, is one of your biggest nightmares. Especially, if you never got this feedback from real users, during testing.

When application performance and stability can make or break your business, how can you prevent bugs from reaching end-users and deliver the best possible mobile app experience, every time? Well, part of the solution lies in completing your automated testing strategy with mobile app beta testing, to help you quickly deploy beta versions of your apps, get critical real-user feedback, and iterate at a faster pace.

Join Wim Selles, Lead Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, as he discusses how you can address the key challenges inherent to mobile app development by optimizing your beta testing processes. Wim will demonstrate how a developer-centric mobile testing solution can enable you to improve both the quality and release velocity of your mobile applications.

You will take away:
- How seamless access to mobile beta testing capabilities can help you take your mobile app development to the next level
- How to implement beta testing best practices, including finding the right beta users, enabling them to report more bugs faster, and getting the most value of bug reports
- How to streamline your iOS and Android app distribution, and optimize your mobile app beta testing processes to shorten app development cycles