Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: Batten Down The Hatches: Using Open Source for Smooth (and Secure) Sailing Through K8s
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Steve Giguere
Steve Giguere
Bridgecrew, Developer Advocate

Creating functional deployments for k8s is hard enough without even beginning to think about doing it securely. Part of your team are at war backing Helm vs Kustomize and your dirty secret is that you love straight up yaml!

As a security fan you’re looking for an easy win with zero budget to help make sure the “Department of No” doesn’t block the deployment regardless of your Infrastructure as Code choice.

In this live demo, we’ll see how Checkov (you love Star Trek too!), the open source IaC scanning tool by Bridgecrew, can handle all of that AND do so right in your IDE.

DevOps + Security = SomethingSomething… let’s figure it out together.