Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: How to Make Fixed Bid Projects Thrive in Agile Environment?
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Rohit Sinha
Rohit Sinha
Excellarate, Director of Product Development

There is a widespread belief that fixed bids are not a good fit for Agile. Agile advocates flexibility. Agile principles help projects adapt to changes based on changes in priorities or market conditions. However, fixed means something that cannot be changed. Another common belief is that if we follow Agile with a fixed bid, we need to make sure the scope is crystal clear. In today’s fast-changing world this approach to project scope can significantly reduce the value a customer or a user gets when a project is delivered.

Do we know Agile can be a great fit for fixed bids?

In this session, Rohit will talk about a few tweaks that will not just make your fixed bid projects successful but can also make your project teams thrive in an Agile environment. He will share his experience on why Agile is a great methodology for fixed bids.