Tuesday, February 8, 2022

OPEN TALK: Déjà Vu All Over Again: The Student Body Left Problem
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Pete Chestna
Pete Chestna
Checkmarx, CISO

Secure software development isn’t always a top concern to the business unless you are in a highly regulated industry. Today, time to market is often more important than security, increasing the value of the product that you sell with continuous improvement and quick software releases. To create and maintain a lead on the competition, you have to be really good at Agile and DevOps.

A potential scenario: the security team has called an emergency meeting. A new vulnerability has been publicly disclosed that impacts not only your software, but your company and your customers. Will the required remediation take hours or even weeks to complete? It depends on your preparedness.

To improve your readiness and reduce impact, we will look at tips and actions you can take now.

1. Learn more about the scope of the mess that was created by the Log4j CVE.

2. Why most companies struggled to address it quickly.

3. What steps you can take now to be ready for the next one.