Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: Streamlining ML Workflows with Enterprise-Grade Kubeflow 1.5
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Josh Bottum
Josh Bottum
Arrikto, Kubeflow Community Product Manager

In this presentation and demonstration, attendees will learn about:

- Kubeflow 1.5 features and use cases
- How Kubeflow streamlines ML workflows and simplifies operations
- Why market leaders are building their ML Platform on Kubeflow
- Kubeflow Community User Survey results and benchmarking your ML Platform KPIs
- How to get involved in the Kubeflow Community

The demonstration will provide a brief review of valuable ML workflows i.e. the automated process to build a Kubeflow pipeline (directly from a Jupyter notebook) that will train and tune an ML model. It will also show how to deploy that model in an inference server and monitor it.