Tuesday, February 8, 2022

OPEN TALK: Extending Real-Time Data and Compute to the Cloud, Edge, and Beyond
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Jeremy Pollock
Jeremy Pollock
Lightbend, VP of Product & Developer Platforms

What will the future of the Cloud and Edge look like for us as developers? We have great infrastructure nowadays, but that only solves half of the problem. The Serverless developer experience shows the way, but it’s clear that FaaS is not the final answer. What we need is a programming model and developer UX that takes full advantage of new Cloud and Edge infrastructure, allowing us to build general-purpose applications, without needless complexity.

What if you only had to think about your business logic, public API, and how your domain data is structured, not worry about how to store and manage it? What if you could become “databaseless” and forget about databases, storage APIs, and message brokers?

Instead, what if your data just existed wherever it needed to be, co-located with the service and its user, at the edge, in the cloud, or in your own private network—always there and available, always correct and consistent? Where the data is injected into your services on an as-needed basis, automatically, timely, efficiently, and intelligently.

Services, powered with this “data fabric” of application state—attached to and available throughout the network—can run anywhere in the world: from the public Cloud to 1000s of PoPs out at the Edge of the network, in close physical approximation to its users, where the co-location of state, processing, and end-user, ensures ultra-low latency and high throughput.

Sounds exciting? Let me show you how we are making this vision a reality using technologies like Akka, Kubernetes, gRPC, Linkerd, and more.