Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: DesignOps 2.0 - Scaling Design
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Erica Rider
Erica Rider
PayPal, SR UX Manager

Scaling design is not about throwing more designers at the problem. Scaling design effectively is about operationalizing design, aligning closer with the principals of DevOps. How do we enable product teams to successfully deliver useful and useable products to their customers. This is an evolution that they call DesignOps2.0
Nearly everything a product team deals with impacts UX. Traditional development issues like availability and latency have a significant impact the user’s experience. When viewing the problem through this lens; the entire product team is responsible for the user experience and needs to be accountable for it, not just the UX team.

Erica will discuss the philosophy and end to end methods her team has developed around DesignOps2.0 and where they are heading from here.

Key takeaways

• Establishing tools and an environment that empowers product teams to deliver useful and useable products
• Gaining a common understanding with product teams around what impacts the user experience and who is responsible.
• Holding engineering and product teams accountable for delivering a good user experience.