Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Cost of Code Understanding and Best Practices
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Eleftherios Chrysochoidis
Eleftherios Chrysochoidis
Accenture, Software Development Specialist

In our days, the demand for developers is increasing with more and more companies looking to hire new developers to join their projects. Sometimes this "joining" is painful, and leads to huge costs for companies, as adapting and understanding a project is not an easy thing.

Are companies aware of that cost? What can a developer do for that? Are there any best practices?

We are going to explore some best practices from 2 main aspects: a) Project Management i.e. making a Software more comprehensible and easy to understand during the whole development process and b) From-zero-to-hero i.e. exploring a whole new project relying only on any existing documentation for example on open source projects, or any legacy project (either for maintenance or for incubation)