Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: Connecting to the Realtime Metaverse
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Ben Gamble
Ben Gamble
Ably, Product Champions

The metaverse is many things to many people, however, always involving an interface between people and things in the real world and their simulated counterparts. As experiences move beyond gaming and entertainment, the need to have trust and firm guarantees requires us to reexamine fundamental building blocks of what powers a metaverse experience. At Ably, we focus on connecting people in realtime, allowing them to chat, interact and stream data to an unlimited number of users. What we’ve found is that traditional assumptions of availability and scale don’t hold true when connecting users to the latest trends on social media, or when a whole smart city connects to its digital twin. In this talk I will walk you through how we build for sudden scale events while maintaining a level of service that can be used to drive business decisions.