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Friday, February 19, 2021

OPEN TALK: Client-Serverless Is the 4th Generation Application Model
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Brecht De Rooms
Brecht De Rooms
Fauna, Senior Developer Advocate

After a long evolution, the browser has become a programmable client that lives in a globally connected world of APIs. This combination of a ubiquitous client with a sea of serverless APIs and the emergence of APIs with advanced security features have enabled the new, client-serverless application model. In such a model, we slowly move away from three-tier applications. In three-tier applications, APIs were typically guarded by the backend. In client-serverless, clients are rapidly taking on a more central role, where clients become responsible for gathering their data services directly from the data source. Needless to say, this reduces complexity, but also brings an entirely different security model which SaaS providers will need to prepare for.