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PRO SESSION: The Persuasion Equation - How to Effectively Communicate Results to People Who Don’t Want to Listen

DeveloperWeek PRO Stage C
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Brooke Jamieson
PlaceOS, Experience Lead

I’m passionate about making the most of my formal Mathematics and Statistics training, professional experience in Marketing and Business Analytics and my interpersonal skills to turn data into actionable insights for businesses.

The intersection of my curiosity, creativity and analytical skills is where the magic happens, and I harness this skill stack to optimise business processes and problems.

It’s easy for the many to get messy, and data without context isn’t constructive, so I talk to people to find the questions, talk to data to find the answers, and then make sure I’m communicating these answers in a concise and compelling way through persuasive storytelling and visualisations, backed up by robust analysis.

This session will present a winning workflow for Analysts, Developers and Engineers to harness the power of persuasion with data. Attendees will hear how to present the results of their data science, projects or analysis and drive their audience to act on those results.

My experience with presenting my work in data science to people who then became inspired to act on that work, when they initially didn’t want to listen. I call this “The Persuasion Equation”. It's how I found a way to make my voice heard within an organisation, and it’s the difference between insights and action.