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PRO SESSION: How to Stop Breaking Other People's Things

DeveloperWeek PRO Stage C
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Lisa Karlin Curtis
GoCardless, API Engineer

Lisa is a full stack developer at GoCardless. She started out as a consultant working with HMRC and then smart meters, before accidentally becoming a developer. She works mainly on a Rails app, with some forays into the JS front end and a legacy PHP application.
She loves building stuff, but is also really interested in how people interact with each other in a work environment - particularly in software engineering. Having seen the 'old way' at Accenture (large-scale waterfall projects), she's now looking at taking the lessons from that environment to the start-up scene.

Breaking changes are sad. We’ve all been there; someone else changes their API in a way you weren’t expecting, and now you have a live-ops incident you need to fix urgently to get your software working again. Of course, many of us are on the other side too: we build APIs that other people’s software relies on.

This talk will cover how you can:
(a) Get really good at identifying what changes *might* break someone’s integration
(b) Help your API consumers to build integrations that are resilient to these kinds of changes
(c) Release potentially breaking changes as safely as possible